Detailed introduction of waste paper shredder

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The waste paper shredder is a device specially designed for shredding various paper materials. It is suitable for the refinement of various waste paper materials. It has the advantages of uniform discharge and controllable size. The equipment uses a motor + Driven by the reducer, the blade is made of high-strength alloy steel, which has the characteristics of strong wear resistance and high strength, and the differential speed between the shafts has the functions of tearing, squeezing, and biting. The electrical part is controlled by PLC programming and has functions such as automatic detection of overload protection. It has the advantages of uniform discharge, controllable size, high efficiency, low speed, large torque, low noise, etc. Materials suitable for shredding include: waste corrugated paper, paper tube, paper core, paper roll, hard paper, book paper, newspaper , Cardboard and other paper materials.

Waste Shredder Machine
Waste Shredder Machine

Application areas:

Used in waste paper packing stations, carton factories, paper mills, etc.

Applicable materials:

Waste corrugated paper, paper tube, paper core, paper roll, hard paper, newspaper, cardboard, etc.

working principle:

The waste paper shredder uses a transmission system and a reducer to make the two gears pair the rollers to cut the material and break the material into flakes or strips.


1. This waste paper shredder has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, low noise, etc. It adopts PLC control system, which can be automatically controlled, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.

2. The motor + reducer drives the knife shaft to achieve a low-speed and high-torque shearing effect.

3. The bearing is sealed with six layers, effectively waterproof and dustproof, and prolong the service life of the bearing.

4. After the tool wears out, it adopts the tool coating welding repair technology to realize the repeated use of the tool and greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the tool.

5. Separate lifting box design, can easily and quickly remove the entire cutter shaft (shaft, blade, bearing, sealing system).

6. The cutting tools are arranged in a spiral line to realize efficient cutting.

7. Both the inner hole of the tool and the spindle surface adopt a hexagonal design to realize the uniformity of the tool force.

8. According to different materials and product shapes to be shredded, different types of knives can be selected.


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