Lead-acid battery dismantling equipment and technology

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The battery is also called a lead-acid battery. It contains more than 70% of the lead plate and 20% of the acid, so it can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. As a zero-emission, low-noise, and rechargeable green energy source, batteries have long been widely used in all areas of life. The battery is scrapped after one or two years of use. How to deal with a large number of scrapped batteries? The battery dismantling machine is a device for dismantling scrapped batteries. The battery cover can be cut, the battery shell is cut neatly, the battery lead and the battery shell are separated, and the battery cover, battery shell and lead block are output separately.

Lead-acid battery dismantling equipment
Lead-acid battery dismantling equipment

A discarded battery is a treasure. Recycling lead resources from used batteries can reduce lead mining. If the used battery is not properly dismantled, every part of it will cause great damage to the environment and ecology.

The battery dismantling machine is mainly to dismantle used batteries to achieve the purpose of reusing battery lead. The battery dismantling machine automatically disassembles the used batteries, which improves the defects of manual smashing and cutting of the used batteries in the traditional technology, and also protects the operator from injury during the operation.


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