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How to deal with scrap copper wire?

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The copper rice machine is used as a recycling equipment for processing cables and wires. The equipment for separating copper and plastic has a reasonable design, an atmospheric appearance and good quality. The equipment has been exported to the United States, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Australia, South Korea, India and other regions. Zhengzhou Asia-Pacific copper rice machine has been well received by users for many years, and has also achieved good social and economic benefits. The copper rice machine has a small area, small investment, high work efficiency, and a large production output. The standardized production mode is deeply loved by customers.

Power Cable Granulating Facility Copper Wire Recycling Machine

The copper-protecting rice machine equipment is designed and produced for various cables such as automotive circuit lines, communication cables, and various miscellaneous cables that are not suitable for processing by stripping machines, and is based on customer feedback in long-term production practices The new equipment is improved according to the specific situation, and it is a mature wire recycling product.

A big consumer of copper resources, because of the limited mineral resources, the recycling and reuse of waste wires and cables has become a popular industry. The copper rice machine equipment used to process waste wires and cables to recover recycled copper resources is a relatively good technology. Occupies an important position in the recycling industry.


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