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Waste lead-acid battery recycling equipment

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Waste lead-acid battery recycling equipment dismantling machine With the increasing number of cars, electric vehicles, etc., more and more waste lead-acid batteries have become nowhere to be placed, which not only pollutes the environment but also wastes resources. In fact, this can be recycled. Waste is treasure, and the battery dismantling machine is to disassemble the old battery to achieve the purpose of reusing the battery lead.

Lead Acid Battery Recycling Machine

Product features of lead-acid battery recycling equipment

1. Wide range of applications, including various lead-acid batteries such as automobiles, motorcycles, and electric vehicles.

2. High efficiency, the daily output is about 40-60 tons.

3. Professional lead-acid battery recycling equipment, you can cut off the upper cover to take out the complete lead block and plastic.

4. It is safe and stable, which improves the defect of using manual smashing and cutting of waste batteries in the traditional technology, and also protects the operator from injury during the operation.

Principles of lead-acid battery recycling equipment

The waste battery dismantling machine is manually loaded, the waste battery enters the body, the propulsion system pushes the battery into the position to be cut, and the bending drive drives the cutting head to accurately cut off the upper cover of the waste storage battery [the cutting head can be adjusted], and the system advances again Push the next battery forward and move forward against the previous battery. Then the high-frequency vibration motor works quickly to shake out the lead core in the battery shell, and the shell core is completely disassembled and separated.

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