Waste lithium-ion battery charged crushing recycling and reuse treatment technology

Time:2023-01-29 18:10:16

Lithium batteries have a wide range of uses, and the life of the corresponding lithium batteries in cars is usually very limited, so in the next few years will set off a wave of new energy vehicle retirement, recycling and treatment of used lithium batteries has become a huge market. Therefore, it is worth considering how to deal with the waste lithium-ion batteries.

The recycling of used power batteries developed by SUNY GROUP is a "recycling production line", which is a kind of recycling equipment that is friendly to the environment and a key link in the whole battery life cycle, and plays a very important role in the industrialization of new energy vehicles. In the recycling process, the recycling of used lithium batteries is mainly in the crushing and sorting, the precious metals inside, graphite powder, etc. will be completely separated out and then recycled.

Lithium battery recycling equipment manufacturing

Lithium battery recycling equipment manufacturing

Applicable battery recycling range: lithium iron phosphate batteries, ternary lithium batteries, etc.

Main processing technology: oxygen-poor charged crushing (with inert gas protection) and sorting technology.

Lithium-ion battery charged crushing production line processing process: the crushed charged lithium battery materials (with inert gas protection) directly into the oxygen-free cracking system, charged lithium battery heating in the cracking system discharge heat to make secondary use of charged electricity, while the electrolyte, plastic film, plastic and adhesives and other organic materials for their own cracking, cracking gas generated by the purification of the cracking system for heating, cracking materials after After cooling, iron, nickel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel are sorted out by magnetic separation and wind selection, and then the cracked pole pieces are sorted out by friction de-powdering and screening and grading to separate the pole powder and metal particles, and the metal particles are then separated from copper and aluminum by grading and specific gravity sorting. All kinds of waste gas, cracking gas and vacuum generated by the integrated combustion system combustion heating, combustion exhaust gas through cooling spray, water vapor separation and adsorption for standard emissions.

Lithium-ion battery charged crushing advantage: there is inert gas protection crushing, to ensure production stability, safety and environmental protection, and charged lithium batteries in the cracking discharge heat can allow electricity to be reused, reducing discharge input and production costs.

Waste lithium-ion battery recycling and reuse can resource the waste lithium batteries, recycling cobalt, lithium, toner, copper, aluminum recycling. Let the waste lithium battery component materials for effective separation, for the maximum realization of waste lithium battery resources, to eliminate its corresponding environmental impact has a driving role. New energy vehicles do the main power of waste batteries can be recycled, both to obtain economic benefits and reduce environmental pollution, SUNY GROUP has rich experience and perfect technical equipment in lithium battery recycling, and can develop effective recycling solutions for the different needs of customers, if you have needs in this area, you can contact us at any time.


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