How to judge the quality of Cable Wire Recycling Machine?

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The quality of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine is good or not, mainly because the material of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine conforms to the standard, whether the workmanship is good, and whether the weight is qualified, stable and solid.

Power Cable Granulating Facility Copper Wire Recycling Machine


In the production process of Cable Wire Recycling Machine, through crushing, sorting and dust collection, the copper and plastic of the waste cable are separated to obtain pure copper particles and plastic, which improves the comprehensive utilization rate of copper and plastic and can effectively recover the miscellaneous wire. Wire stripping machines such as plug wires and wool wires are not suitable for processing of discarded cables, turning waste into treasure.

The successful development of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine produced by our company solves the problems found in the method of incineration and copper extraction, improves the quality of recycled copper, recycles plastics and solves environmental pollution.


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