Copper Wire Granulator Recycling Machine

Time:2024-05-08 15:30:29

Copper Wire Granulator Recycling Machine is a kind of equipment specialized in recycling and processing waste wire and cable, which can effectively separate the mixed copper wires and plastic insulations to recover copper materials. This kind of equipment is very important in the scrap metal recycling industry because it not only improves the utilization of resources, but also helps to protect the environment.

The working principle of the copper wire pellet machine is to crush the waste wire and cable into small particles through the crusher, and then separate the copper and plastic through the vibrating screen and wind separation system. In this process, the copper particles will be separated because of their high density, while the plastic particles will be blown away by the wind, thus realizing the separation and recycling of materials.

Copper Wire Granulator Recycling Machine

Copper Wire Granulator Recycling Machine

There are several types of copper wire pelletizers available in the market which vary in design, capacity and efficiency. The Henan Recycle Cable Granulator, for example, is a small and efficient machine that achieves 99.9% separation of plastic and metal on the first pass and is designed to recover copper from electrical wires, processing up to 300kg of material per hour.

The Henan Recycle Small Copper Wire Granulator is a great choice for small businesses and wholesalers. Compact and reasonably priced, this machine is suitable for small-scale cable recycling jobs and has a processing capacity of 30 to 50 kilograms per hour.

When choosing a copper wire granulator, you need to consider the equipment's processing capacity, the type and size of material being processed, and the expected throughput. In addition, the maintenance and operating costs of the equipment are important considerations. Understanding the different types of copper wire pellet mills and their features can help users choose the equipment that best suits their needs. Choosing the right equipment not only improves recycling efficiency, but also ensures long-term stable operation.

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