Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine For Medicine Blister

Time:2024-05-03 15:46:43

With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, the forms and materials of drug packaging are also constantly innovating. Among them, aluminum-plastic blister packaging occupies an important position in pharmaceutical packaging with its excellent performance. However, the problem of waste disposal of aluminum-plastic blisters also arises. Aluminum-plastic separators, as professional separating equipment, can effectively separate the aluminum and plastic in aluminum-plastic blisters to achieve the recycling of resources. This article will focus on the aluminum-plastic separator for pharmaceutical blisters and its related technology and equipment.

The working principle of aluminum-plastic separator

Aluminum-plastic separator mainly uses the principle of physical separation, the aluminum, and plastic in the aluminum-plastic blister for effective separation. According to the characteristics of aluminum-plastic blisters, aluminum-plastic separators can be separated and recycled by physical and mechanical sorting.

Mainly through the shredding crushing mill for grinding, and then through the electrostatic sorting machine and other equipment to separate aluminum and plastic. Dry separation has the advantages of easy operation, high efficiency, and suitable for large-scale production.

Pharma Industry Blister Material

Pharma Industry Blister Material

The technical characteristics of the aluminum-plastic separator

High efficiency: Aluminum-plastic separator adopts advanced separation technology, which can quickly and accurately separate aluminum and plastic and improve production efficiency.

Environmental protection: Aluminum-plastic separators do not produce secondary pollution during the separation process, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. Meanwhile, the recovered aluminum and plastic can be reused, reducing the waste of resources.

The high degree of automation: modern aluminum-plastic separator is mostly operated by a PLC computer-controlled human-machine interface, featuring a high degree of automation and easy operation.

The aluminum-plastic separator equipment composition

The aluminum-plastic separator is mainly composed of a feeding system, a separating system, a discharging system, and a control system.

Feeding system: It is responsible for feeding aluminum-plastic blisters into the separator for separation. The feeding system should have stable conveying capacity and good adaptability to accommodate aluminum-plastic blisters of different specifications and shapes.

Crushing system: to crush and grind the aluminum-plastic blisters for the next step of separation.

Separation system: It is the core part of the aluminum-plastic separator, responsible for separating aluminum and plastic. The separation system usually adopts a high-pressure fan, vibrating screen, magnetic separation, and other equipment to realize the separation of aluminum and plastic through physical or chemical methods.

Discharge system: It is responsible for outputting the separated aluminum and plastic separately. The discharging system should have stable conveying capacity and good classification capacity to ensure the accurate separation of aluminum and plastic.

Control system: responsible for the operation control of the whole aluminum-plastic separator. The control system is usually operated by a PLC computer-controlled man-machine interface, which is characterized by a high degree of automation and easy operation. At the same time, the control system can also be adjusted and optimized according to the actual needs of the parameters to improve the separation effect and production efficiency.

Aluminum-plastic separators for pharmaceutical blisters an important environmental protection and resource recycling equipment. By adopting advanced separation technology and equipment components, the aluminum-plastic separator can achieve efficient, environmentally friendly, automated aluminum-plastic separation, if you need welcome to consult with us (Henan Recycle) to understand.

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