Lithium battery recycling equipment complete production line

Time:2023-04-11 15:39:25

As people pay more attention to environmental and energy issues, the power battery market dominated by lithium batteries has shown explosive development, and the number of pure electric vehicles is increasing. It can be expected that the retirement peak of lithium batteries will follow. Therefore, the treatment method of decommissioned lithium batteries is an issue that everyone pays close attention to at present. According to the different cathode materials of lithium batteries, they can be divided into lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium manganese oxide batteries, lithium cobalt oxide batteries, ternary lithium batteries, etc. The positive electrodes are mostly lithium alloy metal oxides or lithium metal, while the negative electrodes are mostly graphite. The three types of batteries have their own applications in the power field, but from the perspective of recycling value, the recyclability of valuable metals in power lithium batteries is relatively high, and it is also a popular material with better performance.

lithium battery recycling production line

lithium battery recycling production line

The crushing work of lithium batteries is relatively complicated. After discharge, the combined process of hammer vibration crushing, vibration screening and air flow separation is usually used to separate and recycle the negative electrode components of waste lithium batteries. Various copper, aluminum, Various rare metal materials such as plastics, iron, lithium cobaltate powder, etc., the overall recovery rate can be as high as 98%, and the sorted finished products can be directly used for recycling.

Product features: 1. The combination of multiple equipments has a higher degree of sorting, and an integrated supporting production line. 2. The new technology of high-voltage electrostatic separation has a longer life and is more durable. 3. The equipment is stable, easy to operate, high in safety and easy to maintain.

There are about 15% cobalt, 14% copper, 25% iron, 4.7% aluminum, and 0.1% lithium in waste lithium-ion batteries. These metals are primary resources and have recycling value. The complete set of lithium battery crushing equipment crushes the raw materials with a coarse crusher to less than 10mm, and then enters the particle crusher for peeling and crushing, and then enters the micro-powder classifier for separation and treatment.

Waste lithium battery recycling and processing equipment production line. At present, the research on waste lithium battery recycling mainly focuses on the recovery of high-value positive and negative electrode precious metals. Can this lithium battery recycling and processing equipment scientifically process and dispose of waste batteries? Not only has good Environmental benefits, but also has good economic benefits!


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