Paper honeycomb manufacturing process machine

Time:2024-06-06 16:17:17

Honeycomb paperboard is becoming more and more popular as a new type of packaging material. So, how is honeycomb manufactured? Let me introduce to you the manufacturing process of honeycomb.

The manufacturing of honeycomb usually involves the following steps:

Preparation of Raw Materials: The manufacturing of honeycomb paperboard requires the use of paper as raw materials. These papers can be waste paper, waste cardboard, or other papers. The quality and thickness of the paper are critical to the performance of the final product.

Honeycomb Paper Making Machine

Honeycomb Paper Making Machine

Cutting and scoring: First, the paper is cut to the desired size. Then, a series of knives are used to carve small incisions into the paper to create a honeycomb structure. These cuts allow the paper to bend and form the desired shape.

Glue application and folding: The engraved paper is fed into the machine and glue is applied. The paper is then folded into a hexagonal honeycomb structure, similar to a honeycomb. This structure provides strength and stiffness while keeping the overall weight of the material relatively low.

Drying and Curing: After being folded and glued, the paper is fed into a drying chamber to ensure that the glue cures. This step is critical to ensure the quality of the honeycomb paperboard.

Cutting into sheets: Finally, the honeycomb paperboard is cut to the desired size for use in packaging, insulation, furniture, and more.

The production process of honeycomb paperboard can be fully automated with high-speed production lines. For example, Henan Recycle's production line has extra width, extra speed, good stability, and a superb degree of automation. If you need the latter and would like to know more details, please feel free to contact us.

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