3 Steps to Recycle Discarded PV Modules

Time:2024-06-11 16:34:35

With the rapid development of renewable energy sources, solar panels are being used more and more widely. However, this also brings the challenge of waste PV module disposal. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of waste PV module recycling machinery, Henan Recycle provides a comprehensive solution that enables the complete recycling of PV modules. Our advanced technology includes the following three steps to ensure an efficient and environmentally friendly recycling process:

3 Steps to Recycle Discarded PV Modules

3 Steps to Recycle Discarded PV Modules

Step 1: Automated Aluminum Frame (including junction box) Removal

Our advanced technology quickly and efficiently removes the aluminum frames and junction boxes of solar panels through an automated system. This crucial step ensures that the subsequent recycling process runs smoothly.

Step 2: Highly efficient separation of glass (≥ 80%)

Next, our equipment efficiently separates at least 80% of the glass material from the PV modules. This process is essential to increase the purity and value of the material recovered.

Step 3: Crushing, grinding, and separation of solar cells

Finally, our technology enables the efficient recycling of solar cells through pulverization, grinding, and separation. This step allows silicon materials and other valuable metals to be efficiently recycled and reused.

Our solar panel recycling machinery utilizes advanced technology that not only improves recycling efficiency but also reduces environmental pollution. We are committed to providing our customers with reliable solutions to ensure the sustainable recycling of PV modules. If you are interested in our technology and solar panel recycling machine, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information. We look forward to working with you!

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